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David O’Doherty: Life.
“Somewhere over the rainbow, I bet life is just exactly as hard as it is on this side of the rainbow, and at that side you can’t even see the bloody rainbow—it’s an optical illusion. And who knows? Maybe it’s even more homophobic on that side of the rainbow. So let’s just stay on this side. And let’s all of us—even just for tonight—let’s just try and have a nice time.”

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David O’Doherty on Would I Lie To You?

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Did David O’Doherty knit leg warmers for birds?

Would I Lie To You? Series 7, Episode 5.

Anonymous said: hello! do you know what episode of QI this is from?! (insert your url here)/post/43672221533#notes


Yes, that post is from S10E10 - Jungles.

You can watch it [here].

Good Az Friday | 2013

Good Az Friday | 2013